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Evolution Chair
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perfect pilates chair
Evolution Chair
The original pilates chair
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NEW Evolution Chair: the pilates chair that encourages good posture, works your core muscles and relieves and prevents back and posture problems

(recommended by physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors)

FACT: The human skeleton is NOT designed for chairs. Even ergonomic chairs, which are designed to hold the body upright, only do so effectively for short periods of time.

After that, your postural muscles tire, your body slumps and your spine twists out of alignment. When your postural muscles weaken you get back pain and potentially put your back at risk of injury.

THE pilates chair

The Evolution Chair™ is a new type of pilates chair, back chair or posture chair suitable for anyone who sits for extended periods of time. With the Evolution chair you develop good posture and core strength - the best insurance against back injury.

The Evolution Chair™ is a unique and comfortable alternative to an ordinary chair. When you sit on an Evolution Chair™ you:

    - take pressure off the spine
    - release muscle tension
    - correct posture
    - improve balance
    - strengthen your core muscles

It is suitable for any age. It you spend extended periods sat at a desk get an Evolution Chair. It is good for: students, office workers, IT professionals, healthcare professionals, people with back and neck problems and even children. In fact more and more dentists are using the Evolution Posture Chair™ to relieve chronic lower back pain which bears testimony to the therapeutic benefit of the Evolution Chair™.

How the Evolution Posture Chair works

The Evolution Chair™ is a high quality burst-resistant pilates ball contained within a moving base. By sitting on the ball and adjusting your body to the bounce, sway and tilt of the ball, you work your deep core muscles. These constant small adjustments build the endurance and strength of the postural muscles which help you develop the best posture. Active sitting on a pilates chair complements your regular exercise programme.

Height adjustment with your pilates chair

The Evolution Chair is height adjustable. This is important. If you cannot adjust the height of your chair you cannot sit in the correct ergonomic position. Repetitive strain injury in office workers is often due to poor ergonomics. Height inserts are included with your Evolution Pilates Chair to adjust the height of the rolling base. In addition, the heavy-duty anti-burst ball is designed to allow different levels of inflation.

How to use the Evolution Chair™

Your body will need time to get accustomed to sitting on a pilates chair. We recommend that you build up your use of the Evolution Chair by using it for half an hour on the first day and then add half an hour each successive day. If you start to get back ache then do a few more days at that level first before progressing. Remember using a pilates chair you are "active sitting", you are building up your core strength - it is going to take 3-4 weeks before your body is completely fit.

Wheels or standard legs on your posture chair?

Your Evolution Posture Chair comes with both a set of wheels AND a set of standard stubby legs which you can use on the base. And yes, after you have fitted one you can remove them and fit the other. Although we do not recommend you change them all the time.

WARNING: Do Not Buy a chair like this with a backrest

Backrests are the problem. To fully embrace "active sitting" you need a pilates ball chair WITHOUT a back rest. As soon as you introduce a back rest you open yourself up to slouching and you may as well just have a regular chair.

Pilates Ball Chairs - medical evidence

Evolution Chairs do not just have physical benefits they also promote alertness and concentration. Scientifc studies into the learning effects of pilates ball chairs on university students, secondary school students and children with special educational needs show that there are major benefits to using pilates ball chairs in the classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the back chair height adjustable?

Yes, the Evolution Chair is height adjustable. Height inserts are provided with the Evolution Posture Chair to raise the height of the base to accommodate an individual's leg length. Further adjustments to the inflation level of the stability ball let you get your ideal ergonomic position and comfort level. The Evolution Chair is usable by anyone between 5ft and 6ft 4ins.

What size is the ball?

The Evolution Chair’s stability ball is made of a high quality anti-burst material that is available in one standard size only. This ball will adjust in size from 51cm to 59cm depending on how much you inflate it. The variation in ball size lets people of different heights and weights to inflate/deflate the ball to attain their ideal ergonomic position and comfort level. Do not under-inflate the ball. The sides of the ball should be slightly wider than the base.

Where is the backrest?

The Evolution Chair is designed without a backrest to provide the best health benefits. By not having a back rest you fully exercise you deep core muscles. When you sit on an Evolution Pilates Chair, your body balances and adjusts to the bounce, sway, and tilt of the ball, which engages your core and builds the endurance and strength of your postural muscles.

How do I inflate the ball?

Your Evolution Chair comes with a small inflation pump. After initial inflation, the ball will seem quite hard and firm. This material will soften and stretch after inflation over a two-day period as recommended in the provided instruction sheet. Adjust the level of inflation until you attain a comfortable supportive cushion. Periodic inflation, every few months (just like the tyres of a car) will be necessary and the hand pump can be used for that. You can also use a compressor or your own larger inflater as well.

I have a fitness ball; can I just buy the base?

We have designed the best ball for use with the base. Because the two pieces are made to fit together, they are only sold and intended for use as a set. This Evolution Chair ball is made of a high quality anti-burst material specifically designed for extended periods of use. Other similar types of ball are of lesser quality and specifically designed for exercise.

Is the base/ball removable?

Yes. You can use the high-quality ball on its own to perform stretching and strengthening exercises, in addition to using it as the seat for the Evolution Chair.

How much weight can the chair support?

The weight limit of the Evolution ball is: 300 lbs, >22 stone or 136 Kg.

What are the dimensions?

The Evolution Chair has a compact design that fits into tight areas and tucks neatly under your desk.

Base width 20” x 20” ( 51cm x 51cm)
Base height adjustable from 8 ½” to 10 ½” (22cm – 27cm)
Ball height adjustable 20” to 23” (51cm – 59cm)
Measure the ball perpendicular to the floor

Could the ball burst while in use?

The Evolution Chair™ ball is a burst-resistant ball; if it is punctured it will deflate slowly instead of bursting like a balloon. This means you will not be dumped onto the floor if the ball is accidentally punctured. The burst resistance rating of the Evolution ball is 300 lbs (136 kg) enabling it to deflate slowly if punctured while supporting individuals up to 300lbs in weight. It is not designed to support individuals in excess of 300lbs (136 kg).

How does the chair work to help my back pain?

The Evolution Pilates Chair provides a completely new way of sitting. It allows you to support your spine through a process of active sitting which uses muscles which have lost their strength through the incorrect practice of slumped sitting.

Simply sitting on the ball and adjusting your body to the bounce, sway and tilt of the ball engages deep core muscles. These constant small adjustments build the endurance and strength of the postural muscles, which give you the best posture. Active sitting complements your regular exercise programme.

What is the correct way to sit?

Sit with your feet on the floor. Ideally, 40% of your weight should be in the feet and 60% on your buttocks. Use a bathroom scale under your feet while sitting on the Evolution Chair™ to get an idea of this ideal weight distribution. A person weighing 100 kg should therefore put 40kg of weight on the scales and the chair would support the remaining 60kg. Bring your shoulders back and down and make an effort to relax your neck. Elongate your spine, position your ears over your shoulders, and sit tall.

Sitting correctly will get you into the habit of practicing good posture and will assist in strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, chest, and neck. Proper posture will also help alleviate slumping shoulders, help you breathe easier and best of all--reduce the stress on areas of your back which are the cause of most back pain.

If I use the Evolution Chair, how long will it take for my back pain to go away?

That varies depending on the severity of your back pain, your current fitness level, and how much you are able to use the chair. Because the Evolution Chair is a muscle-toning device, you should consult your doctor before using it if you are at all worried, as with any fitness equipment. Remember to increase your usage gradually. Use the Evolution Chair as you would any chair, taking breaks and stretching as needed.

Here's what a leading physiotherapist says about the Evolution Chair:

"The Evolution Chair encourages correct spinal posture and activates core stability muscles continually, gradually strengthening them. It is the only posture chair I have seen which actually improves core stability strength while you are sitting down. This gives you a stronger, more protected, spine. Using it regularly by anyone should reduce the risk of developing a back problem in the future. And I think it is ideal for anyone returning to work after suffering a back injury."

- Kirsty McCrann BSc (Hons), MSc, PGC, MCSP - Chartered Physiotherapist

Kirsty works at Progression Physiotherapy and specialises in treating sports, spinal and work-related injuries. She has worked with the Scottish Athletics Team, Scottish Disabled Athletics Team and at the Cerebral Palsy World Games in 2001. Kirsty also lectured full time for 3 years on the Physiotherapy Undergraduate Programme at Brunel University, London

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