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Ultrasound and fat reduction/inch loss

Ultrasound is a proven technique for spot fat reduction and instant inch loss

Ultrasound is the only proven, effective non-invasive spot fat reduction therapy designed to give you a smaller body circumference, long term inch loss and a more defined body contour.

In addition, ultrasound is non-invasive and painless. There is no scaring from using ultrasound and no recovery/down time after treatment.

How ultrasound achieves instant inch loss/fat reduction

Ultrasound therapy for spot fat reduction and inch loss targets the fat layer of the skin. Ultrasound energy basically warms up the fat stored in fat cells forcing these cells to release triglycerides (liquid fats) which are then burned up or excreted by your body. This process is termed cavitation. The empty fat cells then shrink. The result is less fat in the treatment area with visible inch loss and reduction in waistline.

How and where to use ultrasound

Common treatment areas are: arms, waist, stomach, hips and thighs.

Ultrasound fat reduction/inch loss is available in a lot of non-surgical cosmetic clinics. However smaller units designed for home use are also available, like the Lipo Zero, which we supply. To use this you put on a water-based gel for lubrication and then you work the device around the area you want to work on.

Obviously ultrasound is not going to be as effective as actual fat reduction surgery but you will not have any scars either.

Ultrasound and cellulite

Cellulite (orange peel effect on the back of the legs) is basically hard fat. Because of this, ultrasound is also effective at reducing the appearance of cellulite in the same way that it reduces fat/inch loss.

What about other devices for fat reduction/inch loss?

There are other devices available in this product category that use "radio frequency waves", these are basically low powered microwaves, the same as you use in a microwave oven. These work in the same way in that they warm up fat cells. If you want to microwave your body go ahead, however ultrasound is just as effective and safe enough to use on babies in the womb.

In summary, ultrasound or ultrasonic therapy for inch loss, weight loss, spot fat reduction, body contouring, cavitation and slimming is non-invasive, painless, discrete, scar-less, no recovery time and most importantly, highly effective. Devices like the Lipo Zero are designed for people who want to remove belly fat and stretch marks and to increase their metabolism.