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GrayBan - Grey Ban
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GrayBan - Grey Ban
The leading hair colour restorative product
User Rating 4 out of 5 Stars!
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Grey Ban is a hair remedy that reduces grey hair

Why dye your grey hair when you can restore its original colour naturally with GrayBan hair colour for grey hair for grey hair?

You can always tell when someone dyes their hair but Grayban grey hair treatment reduces your grey hair and restores your hair colour in the most natural way possible...

It happens to all of us: Grey hair is a fact of life.

But now you can dramatically reduce and restore grey hair to its natural colour without using hair dyes.

GrayBan is an American product that has taken the marketplace by storm over there.

That is because, not only is it extremely effective, it creates a natural effect which does not look like hair dye.

GrayBan works with your own hair to help restore grey hair back to its natural colour pigmentation. In other words, you are not just masking the grey, you are helping bring back your hair’s original colour – gradually and naturally.

How GrayBan grey hair treatment works

GrayBan contains a special formulation based around a safe chemical called Bismuth Citrate. Bismuth Citrate works with the protein in your own grey hair to add a pigment very similar to Melanin. Melanin is the chemical in your body that is responsible for your hair’s own, natural colour. As we age, we produce less Melanin and so we start to go grey. Grayban basically just replaces the Melanin, which is why you get your own colour back and it does not look like dyed hair.

No nasty smell or irritation

Many hair colourants have an unpleasant smell and can damage your hair. But GrayBan simply smells like your regular shampoo. What is more, GrayBan will not irritate your skin – another common complaint about traditional dye-based colouring solutions making it the friendliest treatment for grey hair on the market.

See a difference in just three days

Because GrayBan does not just dye your grey hair a different colour, the process is more natural, more gradual. And therefore more effective.

We recommend you use GrayBan each day. You will then see your hair colour changing gradually until you are happy with its newly-restored colour. Most customers start to see the effects of using GrayBan after using it daily for only three days.

There are full and clear instructions in the package.

Restore grey hair to its natural colour or your money back

Grayban comes with a full 90 Day Moneyback Guarantee. If GrayBan does not come up to your expectations within 90 days, you will get your money back - no questions, no quibbles.

GrayBan at a glance:

  • Restores your natural hair colour without dye
  • Start to see the effects in just 3 days
  • Pleasant smell
  • Does not irritate skin or damage hair
  • Full 90 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Some frequently asked GrayBan questions

Will GrayBan really restore my hair’s original colour?

We cannot guarantee that using GrayBan will bring your hair back to exactly the same colour you had as a youth and we do not recommend it for customers whose hair is already completely white or grey. It works best when your hair is less than 50% grey. But, as you can see from the customer reviews, it does a superb job of dealing with those grey bits that we would rather the world did not see!

In recent clinical trials of GrayBan, using it for two weeks resulted in 42% of natural hair colour being restored. After a month, this figure had risen, on average, to 82.3%.

Does GrayBan’s performance depend on my original hair colour?

Grey Ban is designed for both men and women. It comes highly recommended if you have brown hair or blonde hair. It does not work so well for thicker hair like black or red/auburn hair but it still works for these hair types.

For the very best results, your hair should ideally be of medium to fine thickness.

No stains, no irritation

GrayBan will not stain your clothes or cause skin irritation. That is because it does not use the unpleasant chemicals found in hair dyes.

And, as mentioned above, you will not be left with that awful chemical-based smell that so many colouring products are known for either.

How long will a bottle last me?

Depending on the amount of grey in your hair, we recommend you apply GrayBan every day for at least two weeks. After that, use Grayban twice a week once your colour is back where you want it. One bottle should be good for 4-6 weeks or longer.

You get a discount when you buy more than one bottle of GrayBan at a time.

Before and after using Grayban

The image below shows an example of the kind of results you can expect to see when you use Grayban.

GrayBan Before and After image

Here is what two American users say about Grey Ban (GrayBan):

GrayBan worked Miracles

Debi from Massachusetts, aged 48, has been using GrayBan for two weeks:

I have baby fine strawberry blonde hair. As this colour is extremely difficult to replicate I was unable to use over-the-counter hair dyes. Professional salons too could not replicate my hair colour. I was so glad to find a product that would restore my hair colour to its former glory and hide the impeding grey. I saw results after only two treatments! I apply it at night and then wash my hair in the next morning, giving GrayBan time to work its magic. It’s great that my hair now looks like it did when I was in my teens and twenties! I would definitely recommend GrayBan to anyone with fair coloured hair, it works great!!

Having continued success

Nick, aged 51, has been using GrayBan for one year:

I had been using Grecian formula before trying GrayBan. It had initially worked for me but after continued use it became seemingly less effective after years of continued use. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that GrayBan does a brilliant job of blending white hairs with my natural dark brown hair. GrayBan should not be expected to dye all your hair after one use. Regular application will cover up the worst of it. I give it four stars because it needs to be applied at least twice a week.
Try Grey Ban (GrayBan) yourself and see the difference it makes. For further information, please check out this website which gives Grey Ban (GrayBan) five stars.

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