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PainSolv MKV Model
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PainSolv MKV Model
A pocket-sized natural pain reliever
User Rating 5 out of 5 Stars!
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PainSolv MKV: The pocket-sized painkiller

A new device, slightly bigger than a pen, helps relieve painful muscles and ease sore joints.

The PainSolv emits a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) which literally stimulates damaged cells, boosts blood supply and reduces pain by stimulating your body’s own natural healing process.

Used by medical professionals

PEMF has been used by doctors and physiotherapists for many years to reduce swelling and pain in muscles and joints but only now is a device available that is small enough to be used at home.

Users say PainSolv helps ease joint pains, sports injuries, backpain and muscle soreness.

PainSolv is different to devices like TENS machines which can block pain but do not promote healing. The PainSolv has no side effects at all. The new PainSolv relieves pain by literally stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms. NB. PainSolv is not a magnet therapy product. The therapy delivered by PainSolv is entirely different to that used in static magnet health products.

PainSolv works deep

PainSolv emits a PEMF which reaches deep down to help relieve pain in your body’s muscles, joints and tissues.

What the doctor says

Dr Iain Leith is an Orthopaedic Specialist and has used PainSolv on a lot of patients. He says, “It is simple to use and seems to work on all kinds of musculo-skeletal pain, including wrist sprains, joint pain, ligament pain, acute muscle injury, tennis elbow and frozen shoulder.”

Pain-free in six days

Tony Reavey is a Restauranteur and Chef from Northamptonshire who turned to the PainSolv recently after he had severe pain down and a frozen shoulder after an injury moving barrels. He says, “The pain got so intense i couldn't even lift my hand above waist level.”

“The painkillers I used made me feel sick and fall asleep. PainSolv was recommended to me by one of my customers so I decided to try it out.

"It was the best decision I could have made. Within 6 days, I was able to move my arm freely, even around the back of my head, without any real discomfort".

As Tony says, PainSolv is incredibly simple to use. It works on a pre-set 7 minute cycle. You just turn it on, select the healing programme you want and gently circle it over the affected area. You can use it as often as you like although most people use it 2 to 3 times a day on an affected area.

Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee

PainSolv costs £149.95 and comes with a lifetime money back guarantee. If you decide you do not want it, simply return it to us for a full refund at any time during your life.  It must be returned in all its original packaging.

A medical Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) stimulates your body’s own healing proceses and relieves pain in tissues and joints.

What types of pain does PainSolv relieve?

PainSolv has been effective with many types of pain. However no two people ever experience the same pain in the same way. If you have any concerns about the type of pain you have and whether PainSolv is likely to work for you please contact us.

What is PainSolv MkV®?

PainSolv MkV® is a portable medical device, delivering pulsed electromagnetic therapy that can be used with equal effect by consumers and practitioners alike.

What is different about PainSolv®?

PainSolv MkV® is unique in that it features three distinctly different treatment options for relief from pain associated with a wide range of Pain, Wound and Stress Conditions. As it is not clinically effective to have a single-setting for all types of treatment that may be required, PainSolv® have researched and developed unique software for specific areas of therapy. Each of these programmes differs in duration, intensity and/or frequency.

How does PainSolv® compare to TENS and Ultrasound treatments?

Unlike TENS, TSE and pain medications, PainSolv® does not block pain gateways (that transmit pain signals to the brain). PainSolv® is a drug-free alternative to pain, wound and stress-related pain management with no side effects and the unit is hand held and easily portable. PainSolv® is generally safer than ultrasound.

How does PainSolv® work on the body?

PainSolv® pulsed electromagnetic field therapy delivers pulse-modulated bi-phasic wave forms into the body tissues of sufferers, penetrating tissue at a cellular level, helping to normalise cell membrane potential. It is clinically proven that the pulse modulated non-ionising, non-thermal electromagnetic fields in the ELF (extremely low frequency) range produced by pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can have vigorous biological effects that may be beneficial for symptoms of a wide range of conditions. In plain English the PEMF energy energises your cells and speeds up the body's natural healing processes.

How does PainSolv® compare to magnet therapy?

Constant wave low level lasers and static magnets have never been proven to penetrate the skin. Clinical research carried out for NASA proved that millisecond-duration pulsed electromagnetic fields have the greatest beneficial effect on living tissues over any other energy form. PainSolv does not contain magnets of any kind.

Is PainSolv® therapy easy to apply?

PainSolv® can be used direct on the skin or through clothing and medical dressings - even plaster casts. PainSolv® penetrates up to 10cm through all types of body tissue without any refraction of the wave forms. Electromagnetic waves are the only energy that is not affected by water, of which the human body contains large amounts.

Does PainSolv® cause any side effects?

No, but the device should be used with caution if the sufferer is pregnant, if the user suffers from epilepsy (and is not taking prescribed medication to control it) or has an implanted cardiac pacemaker.

Does PainSolv® therapy cause any pain during application?

Not at all. However, if the device is being used to help promote natural healing of leg ulcers for instance, it is possible that the sufferer could feel some tingling sensations due to improved circulation. As the healing process begins after application, it is quite normal for the pain experienced to increase slightly for a day or so. Using PainSolv® will not cause any mid to long term discomfort.

Should I consult my doctor before using PainSolv®?

You only need consult your doctor before using PainSolv® if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy, have a cardiac implant or suffer from epilepsy. The User Guide provided with the product gives information about certain conditions that should be diagnosed before use of the device.

Is PainSolv® safe to use on any part of the body?

You should never use the device internally as this could cause severe injury. You should never allow children to use the device without supervision. You should not apply therapy directly onto the eyes. You should not apply the unit directly onto the carotid artery which is situated below the ear and behind the jaw on the neck. As PainSolv® does not generate heat, it is entirely safe to use on joints where prosthetic joint replacements have been inserted.

What types of condition can PainSolv® therapies treat?

PainSolv® can be used on a wide range of pain, wound and stress related conditions to great effect. Full details can be found in the User Guide.

How often can PainSolv® be used without 'overdosing' on the therapy?

You can use PainSolv® as many times as you like in any one session. The device is programmed to deliver Pain, Wound or Stress therapies in pre-programmed cycles. We recommend that you do not apply the therapy whilst driving.

Are there any particular precautions I should take when using the PainSolv® Medical Device?

Whilst we are confident that PainSolv® will help you gain relief from your particular condition, it is important that you read the instructions prior to use, paying particular attention to the list of precautions below:

- Do not use internally as this may cause serious damage to your health.
- Must not be used by those being treated with chemotherapy for at least 5 months afterwards
- Must not be used by people with demand-type heart pacemaker implants
- Must not be used in the first trimester (3 months) of pregnancy, or if there is any chance you may be pregnant.
- Must not be used by haemophiliacs.
- Must not be used by epilepsy sufferers unless they are taking prescribed medication to control the condition
- Must no be used in conjunction with defibrillators
- Do not apply directly to eyes or eyelids
- To avoid cross-infection, never apply directly to broken skin of any kind (ulcers, wounds, etc)
- Do not apply directly to the carotid artery (upper part of neck directly behind the ears)

Are there any general usage guidelines I should be aware of?

Yes, there are some general pointers for safe use which are listed below:

- Children should not use the device unless supervised by an adult
- Do not drive for at least 15 minutes after a therapy session
- Do not operate machinery for at least 15 minutes after a therapy session
- Do not leave the unit adjacent to sources of excessive heat
- Do not operate in the immediate vicinity of flammable gases
- Do not use on aeroplanes until the crew advise that electronic equipment can be used safely
- Do not immerse in liquid of any kind
- Do not use cleansing lotions on the device; use wet wipes or dry cloth only
- Avoid dropping the unit onto hard surfaces wherever possible
- Attempting to open the unit may result in serious injury
- Avoid dropping the unit onto hard surfaces
- Do not use any other charger other than the one supplied

What do I do if I am not sure about any of the above guidelines?

If you are in any doubt about any of the medical precautions listed and how they may apply to you, please call 0845 370 9900 or email medhelp@jdharris.co.uk for immediate advice.

Does PainSolv® have exactly the same results for everyone using the device?

Medical conditions affect individuals differently. Treatment periods can vary from user to user and can also depend on how long you have suffered from your condition. We therefore advise you to follow the Conditions Application Guidelines in the supplied Instruction Manual for best results. The 'Conditions Applications Guidelines' are provided for users to understand their conditions more fully and the most appropriate way to use the PainSolv® device, which is not intended to either diagnose or cure any specific condition and no such claims are made. If you have specific medical concerns, please consult your health care provider. No individual is the same and results may vary from person to person. The treatment suggestions provided are not intended to suggest that a condition will be cured, only that symptoms may be reduced.

Does PainSolv® have official recognition or certification?

Pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy has undergone extensive clinical trials. The product is CE Marked and certified as a Medical Devices Directive Class IIa medical device, to the standards applied by EC council Directive 93/42/EEC. PainSolv® is approved by the MHRA and is RoSH compliant. PainSolv® are Medical Device Manufacturers who hold certificate MD 524888 and CMDCAS FM 533597 in respect of their Quality Management System and are certified Medical Device Manufacturers of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices for cell function, pain and wound relief.

This is what users have to say about PainSolv. Original copies are available with the manufacturer:

"I suffered for three long years extreme pain from post herpetic neuralgia (PHN) which was a legacy of a shingles attack in 2005. I tried all the expensive drugs my doctors prescribed, plus all the over the counter analgesics I could find, all the "old wives tales" remedies like rubbing on beetroot leaves, lemon juice, chillies, etc.. All to no avail, but very costly. I had also suffered arthritis in my hands to the extent that I could hardly move my fingers. In 2003 I had a right hip replacement operation which behaved well for a couple of years but eventually I found I had to ask my wife to put on my right sock for me because it became painful to do it myself. Old age was really setting in and I was constantly in pain and getting more and more frustrated and depressed. Luckily, one day I came across an article in one of my wife's UK woman's magazines which gave some testimonials on the use of PainSolv for pain management. I immediately contacted the manufacturer in UK and got them to send me a unit which I received in September 2008. It proved to be simple and convenient to use and I started using it on a daily basis.
The result is that after three months usage I have NO pain from the PHN, I can move my fingers without pain (they still look ugly and swollen - it can control the pain but does not necessarily cure the condition) and I can put on my own socks without difficulty or pain. I am happy to give permission to PainSolv Ltd. to use any or all the facts in this testimonial in any way they see fit." - G. Iain Jenkins Durban, South Africa

"About a year ago, my wonderful white German Shepherd crossbreed suffered a cruciate ligament whilst playing ball. The vet offered two choices - either an operation or Radar to have plenty of rest and virtually no exercise for about three months. We elected for the second option and a friend recommended that I use PainSolv on her. Radar had three sessions a day on the wound setting for about ten weeks and then we very gradually introduced short 'on the lead' walks. We were so concerned that after the injury, Radar's lifestyle would change dramatically but she is now back to her old self (but no ball playing). Our vet and kennels are amazed with her recovery and I can honestly say I feel that so much of this was due to PainSolv. Thank you PainSolv." - Ms C Hammond, Northamptonshire

"Please find our cheque for another pot of your excellent Balm! PS: The PainSolv machine is quite wonderful! Thank you." - Mr N Golton, Yorkshire

"Paula is using PainSolv every day and it is already certainly helping to alleviate the pain. It is now 4 months since the onset of the Shingles attack started and she has been using the unit for about a week. As a matter of interest, she has also used it on mosquito bites with great relief." - Mr D McGarr, South Africa

"I purchased some weeks ago, a PainSolv cell function device and to be perfectly frank, this cell function tool, though not able to remove pain completely, has been most beneficial. I am using the device to relieve the excruciating pain generated by any movement to the hernia, as the pain killer Dihydrocodeine has had little effect in reducing pain." - Mr R Stalker, Cornwall

"I bought PainSolv for my frozen shoulder and am very pleased with the results. My wife also suffers from a bad knee and was amazed how how well it worked on her, more so as she is always really sceptical with things like this." - Mr Penn, Warwickshire

"I just got back to my home office and used my Painsolv machine. No more wrist support required, almost back to full movement with manageable pain levels after just two applications. Brilliant! Thanks!" - Ms L Foxwell-Canning, Leicestershire

"I have been using the PainSolv unit for diabetic neuropathy to great effect and also using it on my partner who has arthritis and the results have been very good for her also. Thanks for the help." - Mr Rossell, London

"The device is possibly the best I have ever had for my 50-year old shoulder injury. There was consistently less pain after using PainSolv. My wife had lower back pain and I persuaded her to let me use the device on her. She had polio when she was a baby and, as a result, has a walking impairment. She is registered disabled and has a blue badge.
To my surprise, when I applied the device to her back, she couldn't feel any pulse at all, neither long nor short. (I think this must be something to do with the polio.) Interestingly, though, she was more or less free of pain after the session. I would add that she is a very sceptical person. She was able to feel the pulse from the device when I applied it to her hand afterwards." - Mr D Quint, London

"I've had a TENS machine, magnetic straps and a magnetic collar, all of which were thrown into the bin! I really can’t believe that PainSolv has helped me so much in the time I’ve been using it - it is just fantastic!" - Mrs Joan Jenkins, Essex

"...thank you so much for your kindness and efficiency. I shall certainly send anyone who asks me to you!" - Jean Stalker, Cornwall

"I bought PainSolv for my wife who suffers from arthritis and it has been effective in improving her symptoms for which I am most grateful. Thank you so much for your quick and efficient service. Your company has earned lots of brownie points for the way you deal with customers." - Mr D Saxby, Huntingdonshire

"I am 73 years old and have suffered with arthritis in my knees for the past 4 years. I bought a Painsolv unit and after using it for less than a week I was amazed that I can now, for the first time in 4 years, walk down the 9 steps at my golf club without pain in my knees and without holding onto the hand rail. I am overjoyed with this product and I would thoroughly recommend it." - Mr Eden, Birmingham

"I have recently purchased a Painsolv device and I am very pleased with the results as it has enabled me to come off my medication which I had been on for several years to treat my Spinal Stenosis and Arthritis. However I would like to find out if I could take out an extended warranty on it as I would hate to be without it now." - Ms Christina Harrison, Kent

"I wished to obtain the PainSolv to help me with a sports injury I sustained and I am pleased to report that is has helped me enormously." - Ms Judith A Davis, Greater Manchester


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